Board of Directors

Roberto Lopez, President
Mary F. Sosa, Vice President
Juanita Ortiz, Secretary/Parliamentarian
Esperanza Vera, Treasurer/Sergeant at Arms
Alma Ruiz, Member
Denjuami Barker, Member
Gilberto Hinojosa, Member
Juan Moreno, Jr., Member

Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council

Melissa N. Tamayo, President
Lizeth Ballesteros, Vice President
Gwendolyn Portocarrero, Secretary/Treasurer

Administrative Directors

David Kowalski, Executive Director – david.kowalski@ninosinc.org
Erie Tejada, Deputy Director – erie.tejada@ninosinc.org

Children Services

Elva Vidales, Children Services Director – elva.vidales@ninosinc.org
Servanda Solis, Education Coordinator – servanda.solis@ninosinc.org
Elia Gracia, Education Coordinator – elia.gracia@ninosinc.org
Manuel Martinez, Education Coordinator – manuel.martinez@ninosinc.org
Karen Bethel, Education Coordinator – karen.bethel01@ninosinc.org
Carmen Reyes, Disabilities Coordinator – carmen.reyes@ninosinc.org
Toni Sanchez, TTA Specialist – toni.sanchez@ninosinc.org

Human Resources

The main objectives of the NINOS, Inc. Head Start/Early Head Start Human Resources Department is to direct employment activities assuring that properly qualified employees are recruited and hired in order to better serve our children. The HR Department is designed to employ personnel on the basis of their qualifications and with the assurance of equal opportunity and treatment regardless of race, religion, color, sex, age or national origin.

Nicholas Guajardo, Acting Director of Human Resources – nicholas.guajardo@ninosinc.org

Melissa Maravillas, Human Resouces Officer – melisa.maravillas@ninosinc.org

Employee Forms
Physical-TB Forms
Employment Opportunities

Finance Department

The main duties of the Finance Department are fiscal reporting, in-kind reports, purchasing, accounts payable, and payroll processing. Reports are provided to the Head Start/Early Head Start Board of Directors and Policy Council. These reports provide a snapshot look at how current expenditures compare to budgeted amounts.

In-kind donation reports provide information on the status of contributions in the form of rent waivers, donated labor, and monetary items for all centers. Purchasing duties include assuring compliance with purchasing policies regarding obtaining quotes, bid management, and quality assurances of items obtained. Purchasing reviews all purchase orders. Payments to utilities, telephone, rent, fuel, health services, mileage reimbursements, travel allowances, and payments under bulk food purchases do not require a purchase order. Accounts Payable-Pays vendors after the products or services have been reviewed and accepted by management.

All of the programs and grants awarded to NINOS, Inc. that contain provisions for personnel are paid on a bi-weekly schedule. Checks and direct deposit vouchers are processed every payroll cycle. All federal, state and local wage and earnings reports are also processed and submitted as needed. The Finance Department adheres to the accounting manual approved by the Board of Directors and follows federal regulations regarding non-profit status.

Tracy Torres, Director of Finance – tracy.torres@ninosinc.org
Veronica Garzoria, Accountant – veronica.garzoria@ninosinc.org

Information Technology

The main duties of the IT/Data Compliance Department are to administer and manage the local area network (LAN) and the wide area network (WAN)The department coordinates with all departments and centers on all information systems needs. It provides technical support to all personnel.

Oscar Silva, MIS Technician – oscar.silva@ninosinc.org
Israel Lerma, MIS Technician – israel.lerma01@ninosinc.org
Frederick Von, MIS Technician – frederick.von@ninosinc.org

Children’s Health and Safety

Marco Herrera, Director of Children’s Health and Safety – marco.herrera@ninosinc.org
Annette Pena, Nutrition Coordinator – annette.pena@ninosinc.org

Family Services

The key focus of the Family Services Department is Parental Involvement. Parents take active roles as decision-makers in the program through participation in the Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council, Parent Committees at the center level, and other means of advocacy.

Family Services encourages parents to participate in a plethora of training such as; Governance for Parent/Policy Council/Board, Training Institute NHSA Annual Parent Training Conference, and NHSA Advocacy efforts. All Parents are encouraged to volunteer and also promote higher education by sponsoring 17 Scholarships to former Head Start students and current and former Head Start parents through financial support from parents, staff, and the community.

The department enhances knowledge within our community by offering GED classes, English As a Second Language (ESL), and Project STAR (Starting Together As Readers). We assist parents in completing Income Tax Returns, 1040 EZ, 1040A, and E-Filing, and we collaborate with community agencies to provide services to our families.

We continue to work with the youth to promote morals, deter drug use, and end teen pregnancy through the Parent/Youth Mini-Conference. The department also supports the Fatherhood/Marriage Enrichment Initiative through local training and Expanded Nutrition Training.

Lora Lee Marquez, Director of Family Services – lora.marquez@ninosinc.org
Esmeralda Rodriguez, Family Services Coordinator – esmeralda.rodriguez@ninosinc.org
Laura Garcia, Family Services Coordinator – laura.garcia@ninosinc.org
Tania Rivera, Family Services Coordinator – tania.rivera@ninosinc.org

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