School Readiness

Here at NINOS, Inc., we work with children and families to encourage school readiness in children in our community. During our program, you can expect your child to undergo the following:

  • Children will understand and demonstrate healthy and safe habits.
  • Children will engage in healthy relationships and interactions with others as they develop a healthy concept of their personal identity.
  • Children will demonstrate interest, curiosity, persistence, and eagerness to learn.
  • Children will develop and demonstrate the ability to retain and connect new and familiar experiences to numerical knowledge.
  • Children will increase their oral language abilities and pre-literacy skills.
  • Parents will engage in the development, learning, and healthy well-being of their children.

The Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007 requires programs to address the school readiness of all the children they serve. According to § 1307.3 (b)(1)(i) and (ii), Head Start and Early Head Start programs must establish appropriate school-readiness goals in the essential child development domains: physical development and well-being, social-emotional development, approaches to learning, cognitive development, and language and literacy development.

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